MacBook Cases

MacBook Cases

Do you want to protect your MacBook investment? The WaveToGo Macbook Cases Ė Complete Protection For Macbook Pro are perfect for you! Our System is a package of defined gear that will protect your MacBook from dust, scratches, dirt, accidental bumps and drops! The package includes not just our wonderful specially designed MacBook case, but also a MacBook Keyboard skin, a MacBook Screen Protector, and a MacBook sleeve!

Want to add a dose of massive color and shine to your Macbook Pro? Sure, the Macbook Pro is slim and pretty in its standard silver finish, but thatís just it! Thereís no sense of YOU and your uniqueness! With our WaveToGo MacBook Pro Cases, you can protect your laptop and show off your sense of creativity while keeping and protecting the beautiful and slim shape of your Macbook Pro!

Our WaveToGo Macbook Pro cases are designed especially for your Macbook Pro! All our cases are designed with this special thought in mind: A beautiful colorful case that will protect and preserve the pristine condition of your Macbook Pro and allow full access to all ports and functionalities! With its two part construction, our WaveToGo Macbook Pro case easily installs onto your laptop!

It provides protection from any scratches or bumps that can damage your Macbook as well as full flexibility when opening and closing your laptop! All the ports and drives are totally available to you even with the case on. Since the hard-shell pieces are thin, it adds no extra bulk to your slim Macbook, and better yet, these cases are thin, yet they are strong, and add a massive dose of color! Whatís not to like about that?

All the other gear that comes with the WaveToGo Complete Protection is also specially designed for your MacBook Pro! The silicone keyboard, the tough screen protector, and the durable sleeve are all custom-designed by WaveToGo so they will protect your MacBook Pro perfectly. Also, the colors can be matched so that your style will shine through!

Designed Specially for MacBook Pro!
  • Protect from dust, scratches and dirt
  • Protect your keyboard from key wear
  • Protect your screen from scratches
  • Full access to all plugs and drives
  • Rubberized feet to prevent slipping
  • Protect from bumps and drops
  • 100 day risk-free guarantee!
  • Thin & lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • 3 Year Warranty
Customer Reviews

MacBook Case Reviews Julie T., NY
(Posted on 06-06-2012)

"This Wavetogo case fit PERFECT on my MacBook Pro! I was very impressed, since Iíve gotten cases before where they just donít fit properly. Not with this Wavetogo case! I like the colors available and will be buying more for variety! I would definitely recommend these cases to anyone looking for that extra protection on our expensive laptops!"
Macbook Case Reviews

100% Money Back Guarantee Risk Free

We are so confident that our WaveToGo Macbook Pro cases will beautify and protect your Macbook Pro so well that we will offer a 100 day risk-free guarantee. If you donít like our case, then you can send it back to us within 100 days for a full refund! No other similar products can offer such great guarantee because none of them are as stylish or protective of scratches and bumps as our WaveToGo Macbook Pro cases!

3 Year Warranty

Each case you purchase from WaveToGo will receive a THREE full year warranty! Thatís right! Your case can be replaced for up to 3 years if there are any issues with your case! All you have to do is contact us.

WaveToGo MacBook Cases - Complete Protection
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Key Facts:

  • Case, Keyboard Skin, & Screen Protector included in packages
  • Laptop Sleeve comes free with each order


  • MacBook Pro 13"

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